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I am a writer, reader, and tutor.


Jarrod Brown is academic director of TutorVista (, the premier online destination for world-class one-on-one tutoring, diagnostic assessment and high-quality academic content for students K-12 and beyond. Jarrod joined TutorVista in November 2005 in Bangalore, India, where he prepared tutor training seminars focused on one-on-one pedagogy and the tutoring cycle, as well as key differences between the Indian and American educational and communication models.

Now based in Lexington, Kentucky, Jarrod develops curriculum and modules for students, designs and delivers tutor certification and training, oversees the English content and development based on the latest research in one-on-one pedagogy, and is very involved with the test preparation courses. Jarrod also coordinates learning efforts among schools and institutions and TutorVista.

Jarrod Brown’s previous work experience includes the World Affairs Council of Greater Cincinnati Consortium of College International Education and The Center for Learning, Teaching, Communication, and Research at Berea College. Jarrod graduated cum laude with a degree in Philosophy from Berea College and a Certificate of Southeast Asian Studies from Universiti Sains Malaysia.


I am an avid writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction. I am especially attracted to analytical philosophy (the philosophy of language) and logic, as well as comparative philosophy, especially Non-Western systems of thought and logic. I also like pursuing a healthy lifestyle, watching foreign and art-house films, listening to live music, mostly cool indie stuff, viewing classical through modern art, reading the New York Review of Books, learning foreign languages, studying folk and ethnic art, reading ethnographies, studying grammar and its meaning and relationship to reality, researching puppetry, and much, much more. See my Netflix queue at