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is there any other than collegeboard, and sparknotes that provides free SAT practice test.

do you have any tips on SAT essay ideas(such as examples of literature,history,famous people)


Absolutely. has the best free detailed assessment that I have seen for the SAT, and I don't say that just because I helped design it. This assessment is especially good because it gives you a detailed diagnostic, pinpointing the exact TYPE and TOPIC of each question you missed or got correct. The test and feedback are free--you simply have to register with the site first. You can also get this sort of detailed assessment through other services, but none that are free that I know of, so you are looking at $50+. Another Web site,, has some free practice tests that I think are very good, but they don't give you the assessment results in enough detail to know what your actual weakness are, so they will not be helpful in designing a learning plan for yourself, but they do have explanations for each answer, which helps you understand the problem better.

If you will check back in within the next two days, I will be sure to get some information up for essay strategies and tips for the SAT essay.

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